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5G5G Test Environment in Karlsruhe: Focus on Networked Industry

Research project addresses small and medium-sized enterprises

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 Sustainable production: Invitation to the autumn conference on 15.10

In line with our new research focus, this year's autumn conference of the wbk is being held under the theme "Sustainable Production - Circular Economy as Enabler". All interested parties from industry and research are welcome.


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In Workshops erarbeiten Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern die Grundlangen gemeinsam mit Unternehmensvertretern Fit4E: Uncovering the potential for electric mobility

The Fit4E research project makes visible which manufacturing competencies already available in companies can be used for electromobility.

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AgiloDriveAgile production system for electric motors

Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics to fund KIT research project with approximately one million Euro

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 Digital leadership and technologies for the team interaction of tomorrow (teamIn)

A cross-institutional team at the wbk, IBU and IFA is researching how digital working changes cooperation in manufacturing companies and is gaining insights into central decisions and management behaviour.

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 Spin-off project "Formic: Modular Transport System" is funded by Helmholtz as an innovative project

Formic Transport System aims to make it possible to lift machines of various sizes and weights comfortably and safely, to move them by a single person and to position them with millimetre precision.

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Sustainable ProductionSustainable Production: New Research Focus at KIT

Enable closed loop recycling management system in production processes

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 Occupational safety in the "new normality"

How digital twins can ensure the maintenance of productivity while meeting safety requirements in the corona pandemic.

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 Wertstromkinematik: Flexible production system for variant diversity

The Wertstromkinematik could revolutionize today's production landscape," says Prof. Jürgen Fleischer, head of the wbk. it could make large halls superfluous and prevent long supply chains or production losses due to supply bottlenecks.

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 Research area part of the PoLiS cluster of excellence under the leadership of the wbk

Since mid-June, Janna Hofmann, chief engineer at the wbk Institute of Production Science, has been heading one of the research area parts in the PoLiS cluster of excellence with the inter alia aim of accelerating production processes.

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Smart BatteryInZePro cluster of competence (intelligent battery cell production)

The focus of the InZePro cluster of competence is on agile and flexible plant technology, digitization of plants, virtual production systems and the use of AI in production.

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Gisela Lanza DFG-SenatGisela Lanza elected to DFG Senate

The General Assembly of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) has elected nine researchers to the DFG Senate – including Professor Gisela Lanza, head of the wbk Institute of Production Science.

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Konzept Plattform DigiPrimeDigiPrime: Information technologies for the introduction of a circular economy - Campus Report on 14.07.2020

Allowing products a second life is the safest way to save raw materials and energy. The European research project DigiPrime wants to use information technologies to support a cycle.

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Coil2Stack: werkzeugungebundenes Verfahren zur formatflexiblen Batteriezellstapelbildung (Foto: Hannes Weinmann, wbk/KIT)Battery research

Process for flexible cell stack formation enables individual cell formats

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wbkRoadmap for Battery Research in Europe

To develop the batteries of the future, partners from science and industry from all over Europe - including the wbk - have launched the research initiative BATTERY 2030+.

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Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler stellen Visiere für ViDia Christliche Kliniken Karlsruhe und DRK Karlsruhe herScientist produce Visors for ViDia Christliche Kliniken Karlsruhe and DRK Karlsruhe

The scientists have so far been able to deliver 260 visors to the ViDia clinics and 140 to the DRK.

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Besuch von Hr. Steinbach am wbkVisit of ministerial director Ulrich Steinbach at the wbk

The team of the wbk - Institute for Production Technology was very pleased about the visit of ministerial director Ulrich Steinbach in March 2020, who personally got an impression of the current research on site.

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ElektromobilitätElectric Mobility

Robot-assisted dismantling of batteries and electric motors

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CoronavirusCORONA VIRUS – Latest Recommendations

The staff of the Medical Services Unit constantly informs itself about latest developments regarding the Corona virus on the websites of WHO, ECDC, RKI, and the German Foreign Office.

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AgilobatFlexible Manufacturing of Battery Cells

In the AgiloBat research project, KIT and partners work on the future of battery production in Germany.

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Hannover Messe, wbk, kgtArtificial Intelligence for Machine Tool Maintenance

Wear on the spindle in ball screws can be continuously monitored and evaluated with an intelligent system by KIT – Presentation at Hannover Messe 2020

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Logo ICMInnovationsCampus Mobilität

Start des InnovationsCampus Mobilität: Auftaktveranstaltung am 13.01.2020 - Gemeinsam die Mobilität der Zukunft gestalten!

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