• We are shaping the future of production technology through cutting-edge international research and practical application.
  • We qualify outstanding specialists and managers to strengthen Germany's industrial competitiveness.
  • We transfer our research results into our global industrial and scientific network.

Our values



We enable change.
Our culture of agility and adaptability as well as our flat hierarchy are the ideal basis for innovation.

We create added value.
Our commitment is focussed on scientifically, industrially and socially relevant topics.

We conduct cutting-edge research.
Our success is the result of scientific depth, high professionalism and personal determination.



We develop talent.
Our constructive working atmosphere supports personal growth and promotes sustainable skills development.

We encourage inventiveness.
Our freedom for individual creativity and the realisation of new ideas are key drivers of our motivation and initiative.

We are a source of inspiration.
Our way of thinking in cooperation with partners from industry and research provides new impulses and enables self-realisation.



We are team players.
Our willingness to help is based on proactive and mutual support, drawing on personal strengths and capacities.

We show solidarity.
Our authenticity, credibility and adherence to agreements are the basis of our reliability.

We are a family.
Our friendly dialogue and sincere cooperation at eye level reinforce our cohesion.



We broaden horizons.
Our results are based on clear responsibilities, knowledge-hungry curiosity and trusting openness towards others.

We demonstrate prudence.
Our good working atmosphere, structured task management and safety-conscious behaviour protect us and our environment.

We live balance.
Our modern framework conditions ensure an individual balance between work and private life, taking into account common goals and values.



We live communication.
Our direct, appreciative response and a learning and results-oriented feedback culture form the basis of a successful dialogue for us.

We promote fairness.
Our respectful and empathetic tone and consideration for individual resources contribute to fair dealings with one another.

We have respect.
Our recognition of personal achievements expresses our appreciation of each other and of our partners and trailblazers.