Recognition abroad / Equivalence determination of examination results from other universities

All requests, both for the recognition agreement (before the stay) and for the final recognition (after the stay) must be submitted via the WiWi-Portal. Applications do not need to be sent separately to the wbk contact persons. Requests that are not submitted via the portal cannot be processed.
Please note that you will need the individual forms of the respective faculty for this purpose.

Due to the high number of requests reaching us, the processing time currently averages 4 weeks.

The correct classification into the relevant research group speeds up the process, as you will be directly assigned to the right contact person. You can find a delimitation of the three areas under the tab research. An overview of the courses offered by the institute can be found under the tab "Studies and Teaching".

For easier classification, see following examples:

Prof. Lanza - PRO: Production/Manufacturing Planning and Control, Lean Management, Industrie 4.0, Quality Management (contact person Julia Dvorak).

Prof. Fleischer - MAP: Automation, Handling, Control Engineering (contact person Malte Hansjosten)

Prof. Schulze / Prof. Zanger - FWT: manufacturing technology, manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing (contact Lilia Schuster)

Focus plans / Examination plans / Study plans / Registration for theses / Extracurricular modules

  • Forms can be downloaded from the pages of the respective faculty.
  • For questions and to finalize applications, you may contact Mrs. Schuster.
  • For questions regarding APL-ING applications for industrial engineers you can contact Ms. Dvorak.

Study Program Engineering Pedagogy Metal Technology

  • For questions and to finalize applications, you may contact Prof. Zanger