Our training courses are specifically designed for representatives of industrial companies, corporate groups and small and medium-sized enterprises. The trainings are particularly practice-oriented, as topics are geared to your requirements in industry. You will be enabled to implement your newly acquired knowledge in your company.

In line with the above, the training courses are designed to be highly action-oriented. This allows participants to immediately try out the knowledge they have learned in practice. To enable practical application, wbk Institute of Production Science offers a state-of-the-art practice-oriented learning environment.

We impart both well-founded knowledge and the latest findings from research and continuously refine our training concepts . 


Learning Factory Global Production   Machine Learning Workshop   Fit4E

The Learning Factory Global Production is a wbk facility that, aims to make tangible effects of production locations on the design of production systems. In our training courses, participants can experiment with the latest technologies and experience first-hand how their solutions affect the production system.


The wbk Machine Learning Workshop is aimed at users in production-related fields of application who want to get a practical introduction to the topic of Machine Learning and identify the potential for their own applications. In the workshop, theoretical content is taught based on the standard process for implementation of machine learning projects and is then implemented using practical examples. 


This workshop is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises that want to enter into production for electric mobility. In the course of th workshop, a comprehensive understanding of process chains is conveyed and company-specific skills are compared with skills required in the future. This enables to assess the opportunities and risks of the process of transformation to electric mobility and to develop roadmaps for entering new technologies.

Our modules:


  • Lean management and Industry 4.0

  • Six Sigma 4.0

  • Scalable automation

  • Agile global production networks


Our learning contents:


  • Machine learning in production-related areas
  • Process monitoring and optimization
  • Theory and practice
  • Practical & application-oriented
  • Hands-on

Our learning contents:


  • Process chains for industrial production of electric drives, battery modules, and fuel cells
  • Matching manufacturing competences and product requirements
  • Roadmap development for entry into the new market of electric mobility

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Application Center IIoT Edge        

Our training courses in the Application Center IIoT Edge range from introductory courses to
to training courses with implementation tips that can be implemented directly for
Cloud/Edge/IIoT Platform topics. In the five stand-alone modules you get
an orientation guide for getting started, but also learn with a practical
example, the added value of cloud applications in factory automation.
In addition, we support you in implementing your own use cases or
show you the advantages of reconfigurable production systems.





Our learning contents:


  • Added value of cloud and edge computing in production technology

  • Development of our own cloud and edge applications on a
    training facility for modular production technology on the shop floor at the
    Karlsruhe research factory

  • Development and implementation of applications from the Siemens MindSphere
    and applications for edge computing



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