The organizational structure of wbk


Research departments

Manufacturing and Materials Technology
Research of physical mechanisms during the machining of materials, the process-oriented development and optimization of manufacturing methods up to the component properties related to the manufacturing process.

Machines, Equipment and Process Automation
Development of innovative, integral machine tool solutions, and process-oriented, non-process related and all-process handling systems. The objective is an increase in the available dynamics, accuracy and flexibility.

Production systems
Development of methods and tools for the target-oriented design and optimization of fast, robust and efficient production systems.

Focus areas of research

Wbk has the following four focus areas of research:


  • Electric Mobility
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable Production

The “matrix organization” allows such individual topics to be covered on the basis of a wider pool of experience and be addressed against the context of the relevant area of research, thus facilitating a fast, comprehensive and forward-looking approach to cross-sectional topics. It is because of this approach that individual topics can be addressed from an integral perspective and can be further developed towards a specific goal.


Service Center

The wbk service centers primarily support our research departments' various tasks with technology functions and IT. Their first and foremost objective is to assist our internal employees with their specialist skills and resources to help execute projects. However, our service centers are also capable of advising and cooperating with our industrial clients. Above all, they are responsible for maintaining and saving knowledge and experience from current and completed projects to support our future graduates.

The following service centers are part of wbk: