You are a representative of an industrial company, corporate group, ar a small or medium-sized enterprise and want to deepen your knowledge about production processes, uncover your company's potential, or make processes more efficient?

We have accumulated knowledge over the long term from numerous cooperation projects with industrial partners. We face your challenges and solve them through our research into the production of the future.


Manufacturing and Materials Technology (FWT)

Machines, Equipment and Process Automation (MAP)

Production Systems (PRO)

Development and optimization of manufacturing processes and process chains under consideration of manufacturing-related component properties. Investigation of classical, innovative and additive machining processes for functionally optimized and highly stressed components.

Development of innovative production processes and machines from components to agile production systems. Hereby we enable, among others, solutions for gripping technologies and robotic, additive manufacturing, condition monitoring as well as the manufacturing of electric drives, batteries and fuel cells.

Planning, evaluating and controlling the effects of tomorrow's production - from the global, shock-robust network to the breathing factory with highly productive production facilities and innovative business models to quality assurance of immature processes – are the goals of the field Production System.

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Our range of services includes, for example:


  • Analysis and optimization of manufacturing processes
  • Machining, gear technology, additive manufacturing (metals and ceramics)

  • Optimization of process parameters

  • Cooling lubrication strategies and disruptive alternatives

  • FEM process simulation-supported tool design

  • Measurement in the process and measurements of workpiece and tool (interactions, Industry 4.0)

  • Studies and concept development (e.g. process chain analysis)

  • Machine selection and production-oriented design

Our range of services includes, for example:


  • Analysis of automation potentials in the production and development of automation solutions
  • Development of condition monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions for machines and components
  • Analysis and implementation of Industry 4.0 and machine learning applications in production
  • Development of processes and automation concepts e.g. for hybrid lightweight structures, additive manufacturing, and electric mobility
  • Potential analyses and technology consulting on the electric mobility transformation process 
  • Prototype production and execution of test series on modern production equipment
  • Experimental analyses and simulation studies of machines, components, and processes

Our range of services includes, for example:


  • Planning, evaluation, and management of global production networks
  • Supplier search, evaluation, and development in emerging markets
  • Material flow analysis and optimization
  • Early forecast of manufacturing costs in production planning
  • Quality management / design of experiments
  • Maturity assessment of new (production) technologies
  • Introduction of Industry 4.0, both on shop-floor level and on network level
  • Development of a digitalization strategy



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International cooperation

We cooperate on an international level with our partner institutes AMTC in Shanghai (China) and GAMI in Suzhou (China).

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