Machines, Equipment and Process Automation (MAP)

Motivation und Ziele

Today's machine and handling technologies must meet the ever changing market conditions and the  constantly increasing technological requirements. Quantities, variety and configuration flexibility as well as low investment and maintenance costs are amongst the essential criteria.

The aim of the Machines, Equipment and Process Automation department is to develop innovative and integrated solutions for the Machine Tools and Mechatronics, Lightweight manufacturing and Electric Mobility.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer


Intelligent machines and components
Agile production systems
Automation of immature process
  • Intelligent mechatronic components for production machines

  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance

  • Industry 4.0 enablement in the Brownfield

  • Adaptive digital twins of production machines


  • Intelligent kinematic production to cover entire value streams
  • Resource efficiency in production machines


  • Agile production systems for variantfexible battery and e-motor production

  • Modular production systems for increased convertibility

  • Automated dismantling systems for batteries, e-motors and electrolyzers

  • Handling technology for variant-rich and sustainable production

  • Flexibilization and automation of rigid electromobility production processes

  • Systematic identification of characteristic process features

  • Experimental methods for the investigation and characterization of process features

  • Modeling and simulation of production processes using physical and data-based approaches

  • Development and prototypical implementation of innovative automation solutions

  • Further development and maturation of immature processes up to the proof-of-concept stage

Contact: Alexander Puchta, M.Sc. Contact: Florian Kößler, M.Sc. Contact: Sebastian Schabel, M.Sc.


Research projects
DFG FiberAdd
Additive manufacturing of continuous fibre-reinforced polymer parts using the laser-sintering process
Michael Baranowski M.Sc.
Simon Zeidler M.Sc.
Florian Kößler
02.01.2024 -
Automated process parameter determination for the calendering of electrodes using an add-on module for battery cell production
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
M. Sc. Simon Anderlik
01.02.2023 -
Development of a new process and system technology for continuous MEA assembly process
Ling Ma, M.Sc.
01.01.2023 -
Direct recycling of LIB functional materials
Florian Denk M.Sc.
Sebastian Schabel M.Sc.
01.01.2023 -
Fully automated production of 3D-printed objects using fused filament fabrication printing technology
Nikolai Krischke M.Sc.
Sebastian Schabel M.Sc.
01.07.2022 -
Sustainable production of lightweight rotors of electric drives by using flexible elements.
Wilken Wößner, M.Sc.
Markus Heim, M.Sc.
01.12.2021 -
AgiloDrive 2
Agile Produktionssysteme und modulare Produktbaukästen für elektrische Traktionsmotoren
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
Felix Fraider, M.Sc.
01.11.2021 -
Self-learning machine tools for highly efficient production
Marvin Frisch, M.Sc.
Imanuel Heider, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
01.06.2021 -
Development of a hybrid FRP drive shaft for use as a drive shaft for stairlifts with metallic inserts by intrinsic production using a novel centrifugal process
Patrick Schaible, M.Sc.
01.06.2021 -
Recycling - Sustainable use of resources
Automated disassembly of electrolysis stacks
Dominik Goes, M.Sc.
01.04.2021 -
Systemic development process for the targeted leveragng of lightweight potentials
Johannes Scholz, M. Sc.
Simon Zeidler, M. Sc.
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
01.01.2021 -
Agile production of battery cells
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
Dominik Mayer, M. Sc.
Tobias Storz, M. Sc.
01.01.2020 -
Post Lithium Storage
New materials and technology concepts are being researched for efficient and sustainable energy storage for future battery applications.
Dominik Mayer, M.Sc.
Ann-Kathrin Wurba, M.Sc.
01.01.2019 -