Production Systems (PRO)

Motivation and aim
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Shorter product life-cycles, diverse variety, increasing pace of innovations and increasing complexity in production technology place increased demands on the industry. Consequently, entrepreneurial decisions bear high risks, which in turn requires not only new forms of teamwork but also for the business network to be viewed as one whole production system. The core components processes, organizations and resources must permit a high development and innovation capability corresponding to the dynamic company demands. Therefore, the aim of the production systems department is the development of methods and tools for target orientated designing and optimization of quicker, more robust and more efficient production systems. New approaches will be developed according to individual industrial requirements starting from strategic business planning and organization right upto production control, and this being transformed into a company's success.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza


Global Production Strategies Production System Planning Quality Management
  • Strategic design of production networks

  • Site selection and site-specific production

  • Production network optimization

  • Cross-site value stream analysis

  • Robustness and resilience in the network

  • Digitalization strategy in production networks

  • Digital business models


  • Adaptive production systems

  • Cost assessment & scenario analysis

  • Autonomous production control

  • Machine Learning in production

  • Digital twin

  • Industry 4.0 implementation strategies

  • Circular production planning

  • Co-design of products and production systems

  • Factory planning and biologization


  • Function-oriented measurement and function modelling

  • Metrological information fusion

  • Quantitative non-destructive testing

  • Production-integrated measurement with Artificial Intelligence

  • Intelligent quality control cycles

  • Autonomous measurement technology

  • Measurement uncertainty evaluation


Martin Benfer, M.Sc.
Marvin May, M.Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Florian Stamer

Research Projects

Climate-neutral Circular Economy enabled by Digital Product Carbon Pass
Magnus Kandler, M.Sc.
Moritz Hörger, M.Sc.
Yannik Hermann, M.Sc.
01.05.2023 -
Circularity of the electric drivetrain through intelligent disassembly and tracking
Julia Dvorak, M.Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Sina Peukert
01.10.2022 -
Intelligent and sovereign use of data by the example of the timber industry
Martin Benfer., M.Sc.
Kevin Gleich, M.Sc.
01.05.2022 -
Consistent networking of the production system with partners based on digital services in the production network
Michael Martin, M.Sc.
Prof. Dr. Ing. Gisela Lanza
01.12.2021 -
Kompetenzzentrum KARL
Artificial Intelligence for work and education in the region Karlsruhe
Julia Dvorak, M.Sc.
Magnus Kandler, M.Sc.
01.04.2021 -
H2Giga FertiRob - Manufacturing and Robotics
As part of the project, automation solutions for the various sub-problems in the manufacture and assembly of stacks and electrolysers are to be developed.
Fabian Sasse, M.Sc.
Jork Groenewold, M.Sc
01.04.2021 -
Data Reliability and Digitally-enhanced Quality Management for Zero Defect Manufacturing in Smart Factories and Ecosystems
Ali Bilen, M.Sc.
Rainer Silbernagel, M.Sc.
01.10.2020 -
MoSyS - Human-oriented Development of complex System of Systems
The aim of the MoSyS research project is to develop new methods and tools for designing complex technical systems and the associated value networks as elements of complex System of Systems (SoS). Furthermore, guidelines for the design of change are being created, which will serve companies on their way to a digital and collaborative working environment as well as for clear and comprehensible decision-making processes.
Louis Schäfer, M.Sc.
01.10.2020 -
Digital Platform for Circular Economy in Cross-sectorial Sustainable Value Networks
Felix Klenk, M.Sc.
Dr.-Ing. Sina Peukert
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza
Marco Wurster, M.Sc.
01.01.2020 -
Agiles Produktionssystem mittels mobiler, lernender Roboter mit Multisensorik bei ungewissen Produktspezifikationen
Dr.-Ing. Constantin Hofmann
01.03.2019 -