Service Center Technology

The Service Center Technology is mainly an internal supplier for our research departments. But because of the comprehensive process chain we are able to offer our expertise also to external clients. Together with practised technicians and skilled workers we offer production-related products on a high technical level, from planning to quality assurance.

The service package contains:

Planning & Design
We work with all commonly used CAD systems.

Single Item Production
All conventional machining processes are available in our well-equipped modern workshops and laboratories of the institute.

Specially designed machines for microproduction allow us to produce micro-structured parts with machining processes and material removing processes.

Series Production
The laboratory for production engineering comprises the most advanced CNC machines, lathes and milling machines for series production.

Assembly Technology
Development of devices and assembly concepts for micro and macro assembling as well as micro welding.

Measurement Technology
The Service Center Technology is equipped with a large number of high-quality measuring instruments which are used for a variety of applications. These instruments are used in air-conditioned rooms for gear measurements, for measuring microstructures and components in the areas of micro and macro-machining.

A highly qualified young generation is an indispensable resource. The Service Center Technology trains young people for professional life and thus creates a promising potential for the future not only for the wbk but also for society.

Young people are trained continuously to become industrial mechanics with specialization in equipment technology & precision engineering. The gained knowledge is returned and in doing so, the success of the processes is guaranteed.

  • Process Chain
  • Planning & Design
  • Macro-production
  • Micro-production
  • Series production
  • Assembling technology
  • Quality control
  • Processes
  • Sewing
  • Drilling
  • Turning
  • Milling
  • Grinding
  • Eroding
  • Broaching
 Contact: Michael Heinz