Spin-off project "Formic: Modular Transport System" is funded by Helmholtz as an innovative project

Formic Transport System aims to make it possible to lift machines of various sizes and weights comfortably and safely, to move them by a single person and to position them with millimetre precision.

Due to their dimensions and large weights, production machines in the manufacturing industry today usually have to be assembled and disassembled at great expense. Rearranging existing production lines is also associated with considerable effort. In the spin-off project "Formic: Modular Transport System", scientists and researchers of the wbk Institute of Production Science and the Institute for Material Handling and Logistics at KIT are developing a modular heavy-duty transport system with which machines of different sizes and weights can be lifted comfortably and safely and moved by a single person by remote control and positioned precisely to the millimeter.

The spin-off was honored by Helmholtz as one of three new spin-offs that receive a total of 733,000 euros in support for the spin-off phase of 14 months.



Benedikt Klee, wbk: https://www.wbk.kit.edu/21_2353.php

Maximilian Hochstein, IFL: https://www.ifl.kit.edu/mitarbeiter_maximilian_hochstein.php


 Vision of modular Transport System


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