Prof. Gisela Lanza is "Fellow" of CIRP

The International Academy for Production Engineering (French College International pour la Recherche en Productique (CIRP)) appointed Prof. Gisela Lanza as a "Fellow".

The CIRP is the worldwide bow of production engineers. Since autumn 2020 Prof. Gisela Lanza, head of the wbk Institute of Production Engineering, has been a "Fellow" at CIRP and thus appointed an internationally recognized scientist for life. Her engagement at CIRP started already in 2009 as Research Associate. Since 2014 she is part of the "STC-O officer" of the scientific working group "STC O - Production Systems and Organizations", first as Secretary, later as Vice Chair and since autumn 2019 as Chairwoman.
Her commitment to CIRP and her internationally recognized scientific work led to her appointment as Fellow.

In 2020, Dr.-Ing. Frederik Zanger, Chief Engineer at the wbk, was one of the few non-professorial scientists to be accepted as an Associate Member of this internationally renowned academy.

We are pleased about this recognition of our scientific work at the wbk. 

International Academy for Production Engineering

Picture source: CIRP