"E-motor production" and "battery cell production" at the interim balance conference "Strategic Dialogue with the Automotive Industry BW

The wbk Institut für Produktionstechnik was represented with two digital booths on the topics "E-Motor Production" and "Battery Cell Production" and provided information on agile production systems.

Source: u-motions GmbH

The interim balance sheet conference Strategy Dialogue Automotive Industry BW took place simultaneously as a virtual and a presence event: While high-ranking guests such as Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of Baden-Württemberg, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, State Minister of Economics, Labor and Housing, Roman Zitzelsberger, District Manager of IG Metall Baden-Württemberg and representatives from the automotive industry discussed and informed in live interviews on site, the actual exhibition took place in digital form.

The wbk Institute for Production Engineering at KIT was also represented with two digital booths on the topics "E-Motor Production" and "Battery Cell Production". Here, the research projects AnStaHa, AgiloDrive, AgiloBat, and SmartBatteryMaker were introduced to the visitors by means of posters, links, presentation slides, and illustrative 3D models. In addition, two short films on the two topics were shown, in which Prof. Jürgen Fleischer, head of the wbk Institute, explained why agile production systems for electric motors and battery cells are crucial today.

As in a computer game, visitors to the trade fair were able to move around a virtual hall with the help of a keyboard and mouse and obtain information on current projects in the automotive industry. Just like at a real trade fair, there was a digital foyer with a hall plan showing where in the hall each stand was located. If this took too long for you, you could also simply "jump" to the desired project via a search function.

The interim balance conference 2020 is still open to visitors afterwards. Live recordings of interviews, expert panels and press conferences from the event can be found at www.sda2020.de. The digital exhibition is also still accessible and offers films, presentations, digital posters and 3D models on exciting topics relating to the automotive industry in Baden-Württemberg.

In the two videos we present our electric motor production (AgiloDrive and AnStaHa) and the battery research project AgiloBat




Source: u-motions GmbH


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SDA Zwischenbilanzkonferenz Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fleischer AgiloDrive

SDA Zwischenbilanzkonferenz Prof. Dr.-Ing. Fleischer AgiloBat