Research area part of the PoLiS cluster of excellence under the leadership of the wbk

Since mid-June, Janna Hofmann, chief engineer at the wbk Institute of Production Science, has been heading one of the research area parts in the PoLiS cluster of excellence with the inter alia aim of accelerating production processes.

The PoLiS cluster is one of the two clusters of excellence at KIT. It deals with the energy storage of the future. As one of four research areas, Janna Hofmann of the wbk and Dr. Margret Wohlfahrt-Mehrens of the ZSW now head Research Area D "Integration and Sustainable Cell Engineering".

The team around Prof. Jürgen Fleischer, head of the wbk, coordinates the area estimation of producibility. "This enables us as production engineers to make initial statements on the computer at an early stage of material development as to how the material can later be processed. Our aim is to ensure that the development of machines and plant technology no longer takes many years, but that it is possible to develop in parallel," explains Janna Hofmann.

The upscaling of material synthesis and cell construction, studies on the production capability of new technical approaches, the evaluation of cell safety and the carrying out of life cycle analyses of the new technologies will pave the way for technology transfer. Central research data management and the development of automated data analysis tools will flank all work in the cluster, set standards for the handling of research data and enable integrative, cross-research field data analysis, from which we hope to gain new insights in battery research.

Calendering of electrodes for battery cells; Source: wbk


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