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GAMI - Research

Through the exchange of technology, knowledge and experts, long-term projects with partners from industry and research are to be established to address the challenges of digital change in Germany and China. The basis for this is provided by GAMI's two Smart Manufacturing Labs, which were opened in 2015 and 2018 respectively.


Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center


Increasing digitisation confronts employees in particular with new fields of work and requires additional qualifications. The Industry 4.0 Demonstration and Innovation Center, which opens in 2015, provides a unique learning environment in which real products can be manufactured on flexible and intelligent assembly lines. Machines and workpieces exchange information in real time and thus provide a direct image of current key production figures. Employees and managers can try out different settings on the intelligent components and experience Industry 4.0 in a real environment. The center is the first in China where companies and science can test, adjust and research German Industry 4.0 applications and the requirements of an intelligent factory on a real production line. In addition to providing a learning environment, the center also provides a platform for companies to evaluate and demonstrate the benefits of their respective Industry 4.0 solution in relation to the prevailing country-specific requirements.

Artificial Intelligence Innovation Factory


Since 2018, GAMI now also offers a platform for research into the question of how approaches and technologies from the field of AI can be used in production in order to make profitable use of the resulting large amounts of data. The optimization of production processes, for example, requires intelligent solutions that can analyze the often heterogeneous data from a wide variety of sources, recognize correlations and patterns, and, based on this, make predictions about necessary adjustments (e.g. to the production flow chart). However, companies often still lack the competence and talent to select and implement AI technologies in production. Together with German and Chinese companies and start-ups, GAMI is therefore researching appropriate applications in the fields of augmented and virtual reality, cloud and big data computing, simulation and human-robot collaboration. Different technologies can be integrated into a highly flexible production line to investigate different use cases. These can then be further developed and used to impart the necessary skills to students, scientists and partners from industry.