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GAMI - Professional Trainings and University Education

GAMI offers its own training courses and seminars in the subject areas of quality, production and logistics management as well as Industry 4.0. Exemplary trainings are:


  • Quality Management

    • Supplier auditing

    • Six Sigma

    • Tools of Quality Management


  • Production Management

    • Factory planning according to VDI 5200

    • Lean Production

    • Methods of production planning and control


  • Logistics Management

    • Lean intralogistics with Kanban and Milkrun systems

    • Supply chain analysis using the SCOR model


  • Industry 4.0

    • Introduction to Industry 4.0

    • Digital shopfloor management

    • Data analysis in production

    • Simulation-based value stream design


GAMI also supports the HECTOR School, the Technology Business School of KIT, in organizing events in China.


Contact: Lucas Bretz, M.Sc.