Fields of research of wbk

Manufacturing and Materials Technology

Machines, Equipment and Process Automation

Production Systems

Manufacturing processes from additive manufacturing to machining: research and development on process and tool design, surface engineering, simulation of manufacturing processes as well as analysis and optimization of process chains.


Development and research of self-learning machines, holistic automation solutions and intelligent handling systems for innovative production processes in the fields of machine tools, electric mobility, hybrid lightweight structures and additive manufacturing.


Planning, evaluating and controlling the effects of tomorrow's production - from the global, shock-robust network to the breathing factory with highly productive production facilities and innovative business models to quality assurance of immature processes – are the goals of the field Production System.




Antriebsysteme neue gedacht

Das wbk Institut für Produktionstechnik ist aktuell an vier Projekten der aktuellen Förderphase des InnovationsCampus Mobilität der Zukunft beteiligt.

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Concept digital twin
„Best Academic Paper 2021“ kommt vom wbk

Wissenschaftliches Paper des wbk wird im Rahmen der ASIM Fachtagung als „Best Academic Paper” ausgezeichnet.

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Karlsruher Tagung für Produkt-Produktions-Codesign

Melden Sie sich jetzt für die Karlsruher Tagung für Produkt-Produktions-Codesign am 14.10.2021 an. 

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