Electric Mobility

Motivation and aim

Within the research topic electric mobility, scientists of the wbk Institute of Production Science are working on manufacturing, assembly and handling processes for the production of hybrid and all-electric drive systems. In cooperation with partners from industry and academia both disruptive technologies and established industrial solutions are focused. The main goal of the research is to develop methods and approaches for improved scalability, flexibility and quality control, to automate and optimize manufacturing techniques and processes in the context of battery, fuel cell and electric motor production, and to develop a holistic process understanding for the design of immature process chains in the context of electric mobility.



Battery cell and module:

  • Process characterization and optimization – especially in the context of new materials
  • Development of agile production systems for scalable battery manufacturing flexible in material and format
  • Machine and process development for the automated disassembly of battery modules and cells
  • Modeling and simulation of production systems, machines and processes
  • In-line and in-process quality control
  • Factory and production planning


Fuel cell and electrolyzer:

  • Machine and process development for the manufacturing of fuel cells and electrolyzers
  • Development and experimental analyses of scalable production and automation concepts
  • In-line and in-process quality control
  • Factory and production planning



Electric motor:

  • Development and numerical simulation of manufacturing process for stators with round and rectangular wire winding
  • Process development for the manufacturing rotors with focus on joining, spinning and balancing processes
  • Closed-loop control concepts and smart assembly strategies for stator and rotor manufacturing
  • Simulation and optimization of cutting processes for efficient high-speed transmissions
  • Additive manufacturing of hard and soft magnetic components
  • Machine and process development for the automated disassembly of electric traction motor




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
Director of Machines, Equipment and Process Automation

+49 721 608-44009Juergen Fleischer does-not-exist.kit edu

Campus Süd

Sebastian Schabel
Group leader automation of immature processes

+49 1523 950 2567sebastian schabel does-not-exist.kit edu

76131 Karlsruhe
Kaiserstraße 12

Florian Kößler
Group leader agile production facilities

+49 1523 9502657florian koessler does-not-exist.kit edu

76131 Karlsruhe
Kaiserstraße 12

Research projects:

Remanufacturing of PEM fuel cell stacks for a sustainab
(M.Sc.) Dominik Goes
(M.Sc.) Alexander Geiser
(M.Sc.) Johannes Buchholz
01.10.2023 -
Automated process parameter determination for the calendering of electrodes using an add-on module for battery cell production
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
M. Sc. Simon Anderlik
01.02.2023 -
Development of a new process and system technology for continuous MEA assembly process
Ling Ma, M.Sc.
01.01.2023 -
Direct recycling of LIB functional materials
Florian Denk M.Sc.
Sebastian Schabel M.Sc.
01.01.2023 -
Sustainable production of lightweight rotors of electric drives by using flexible elements.
Wilken Wößner, M.Sc.
Markus Heim, M.Sc.
01.12.2021 -
AgiloDrive 2
Agile Produktionssysteme und modulare Produktbaukästen für elektrische Traktionsmotoren
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
Felix Fraider, M.Sc.
01.11.2021 -
H2Giga FertiRob - Manufacturing and Robotics
As part of the project, automation solutions for the various sub-problems in the manufacture and assembly of stacks and electrolysers are to be developed.
Fabian Sasse, M.Sc.
Jork Groenewold, M.Sc
01.04.2021 -
Agile production of battery cells
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer
Dominik Mayer, M. Sc.
Tobias Storz, M. Sc.
01.01.2020 -