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Steering of a Global Operating Company - The Robert BOSCH GmbH as an Example

Language of instruction Deutsch

The seminar provides an insight into the main functional units of a company and their typical processes by using Bosch as an example. Furthermore it is based on discussions with the students. Former Bosch top managers explain the essential business processes and functions of the individual departments as well as the classic tasks of an engineer in a worldwide operating automotive supplier. The seminar also provides an insight into the careers of the Bosch directors. In addition to the company processes, the seminar will therefore focus on reports of challenges, successes, failures and product and process innovations.

The topics are as follows:

  • Introduction, strategy, innovation
  • R&D, product development process
  • Production
  • Quality management
  • Market, marketing, sales
  • Aftermarket, service
  • Finance, controlling
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing, supply chain
  • IT
  • HR, leadership, compliance


Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias


Skript zur Veranstaltung wird über
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Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias


regular attendance: 21 hours
self-study: 39 hours


The students ...

  • are able to deduce, understand and assess the structure of a global operating enterprise.
  • are capable to identify and compare the work flows and processes within a global operating enterprise.
  • are able to recognize and assess the problems within interfaces between functional and organizational units which are identified by the experts. Furthermore the students can develop solutions based on this knowledge in order to overcome these problems.