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Quality Management

Language of instruction Deutsch

Based on the quality philosophies Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma, the lecture deals with the requirements of modern quality management. Within this context, the process concept of a modern enterprise and the process-specific fields of application of quality assurance methods are presented. The lecture covers the current state of the art in preventive and non-preventive quality management methods in addition to manufacturing metrology, statistical methods and service related quality management. The content is completed with the presentation of certification possibilities and legal quality aspects.

Main topics of the lecture:

  • The term "Quality"
  • Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma
  • Universal methods and tools
  • QM during early product stages – product denition
  • QM during product development and in procurement
  • QM in production – manufacturing metrology
  • QM in production – statistical methods
  • QM in service
  • Quality management systems
  • Legal aspects of QM



Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/)


Skript zur Veranstaltung wird über (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/) bereitgestellt:

Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/).




regular attendance: 21 hours
self-study: 99 hours


The students …

  • are capable to comment on the content covered by the lecture.
  • are capable of substantially quality philosophies.
  • are able to apply the QM tools and methods they have learned about in the lecture to new problems from the context of the lecture.
  • are able to analyze and evaluate the suitability of the methods, procedures and techniques they have learned about in the lecture for a specific problem.