Prof. Gisela Lanza Member of Leopoldina

The National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina, has elected Prof. Gisela Lanza, head of the wbk Institute of Production Science of KIT, as a member.
Jan Ladwig

The election was made by the Presidium of the Academy, according to strict standards of scientific excellence, on the proposal of renowned members and within the framework of a multi-stage selection procedure. The criterion for admission is outstanding scientific achievement.

The Leopoldina is the oldest scientific academy in the world that has existed without interruption. For more than 360 years, it has remained true to the principles that were decisive when it was founded: to work beyond the boundaries of disciplines and countries through a free association of scholars in the interest of the development of science for the common good. In 2008, it was named the National Academy of Sciences of Germany.

Two tasks in particular are associated with this: To provide science-based advice to policymakers and the public, and to represent German science in bodies in which mainly national academies are active. The Leopoldina unites researchers with special expertise in their respective fields. The approximately 1,600 academy members come from more than 30 countries.

The Leopoldina advocates the freedom and appreciation of science. It contributes to a scientifically enlightened society and to the responsible application of scientific knowledge - for the benefit of mankind and nature. In interdisciplinary discourse, it transcends thematic, professional, political and cultural boundaries. The Leopoldina is committed to the respect of human rights.

The entire team of the wbk is very pleased about this award.