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Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Weule

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Prof. em. Dr.-Ing. Hartmut Weule


Curriculum Vitae

01.10.1940 born in Bitterfeld
1960 Received the Abitur Seesen (Harz).
1960 - 1967 Study of mechanical engineering with a specialization in precision mechanical engineering and control technology at the Technical University of Brunswick
Futher emphasis in measuring technology, analog and digital computer technology
1967 - 1973 Research Engineer and Assistant lecturer at the Institute for Precision Engineering and Control Technology of the Technical University of Brunswick
Occupied with projects and development in the fields of postal automation, medical technology, office machine technology machine tools, research in hydraulics 
1972 Doctorate with distinction in Engineering. Thesis: "Theoretical and experimental analysis of digital hydraulic actuators" 
1973  Joined the Manufacturing and Process Development Department of the Daimler-Benz plant in Sindelfingen
Management of the basic production science unit 
1975 Received a lectureship at Stuttgart University.
Lecture titled "Elements and process of oilhydraulic control engineering"

Promoted head of the Manufacturing and Process Development Department at the Sindelfingen plant (500 employees)
Special work focus on:

  • Automation by incorporation of measuring and computer systems
  • Development and introduction of industrial robots
  • Development, planning and introduction of new manufacturing systems for body-manufacturing
  • painting and assembly
1979 Appointed as honorary professor by Stuttgart University
1982 Received call as director of the Institute of Machine Tools and Production Science at the Universität(TH) Karlsruhe
Special focus on:
Introduction of the new fields of research in operational planning and organization
handling and assembly technology in addition to the existing three research groups manufacturing
hydraulics and control technology
1986 Expansion of the Institute with a new building and the setup of the production technology laboratory

Call for a professorship at the Zürich Technical University, Institute fpr Machine Tools and Production Science
Rejected the offer and continued in the position at the Universität (TH) Karlsruhe 

1990 Joined the Board of Management of Daimler-Benz AG as the member responsible for Research and Technology (2000 employees)
Special activity focus on:
Merger and reorientation of research activities at Daimler-Benz, AEG,Messerschmitt-Bölkow Blohm and Dornier
Development and introduction of new financial and joint-project concepts
Internationalisation of the research activities by the foundation of research centers in Portland (USA), Los Angeles (USA), Shanghai (China), Bangalore (Indien)
20.12.1996 Award of a medal in gold for merits in the economy
1997 Returned to the Universität (TH) Karlsruhe, Institute for Machine Tools and Production Science
Development of the concept and introduction of an International Department with English-speaking degree programs in mechanical end electrical engineering 
2005 He was awarded the order of merit, first class, of the Federal Republic of Germany
2006 He was awarded academic honorary citizenship in recognition of his achievements for the internationalization of his university including the foundation of the International Department