wbk Institute of Production Science

Basics of Manufacturing Technology (MEI)

Language of instruction Englisch





The objective of the lecture is to classify the manufacturing technology within the wider context of production engineering, to provide an overview of the different manufacturing processes and to establish basic process knowledge of the common processes. The lecture conveys the basic principles of manufacturing technology and deals with the manufacturing processes based on example components according to their classification into main groups regarding technical and economic aspects. Regard is paid to classic manufacturing processes as well as new developments like additive manufacturing processes.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Primary processing (casting, plastics engineering, sintering, additive manufacturing processes)
  • Forming (sheet-metal forming, massive forming)
  • Cutting (machining with geometrically defined and geometrically undefined cutting edges, separating, abrading)
  • Joining
  • Coating
  • Heat treatment and surface treatment



Lecture notes will be provided in ilias (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/).


Lecture Notes




regular attendance: 21 hours

self-study: 99 hours


The students …

  • are able to classify the manufacturing processes by their general functionality according to the specific main groups (DIN 8580).
  • have the ability to declare and explain the function of the significant manufacturing processes of the main groups (DIN 8580).
  • are enabled to describe the characteristic process features (geometry, materials, accuracy, tools, machines) of the significant manufacturing processes of the main groups (DIN 8580).
  • have the ability to derive the relevant process specific technical advantages and disadvantages of the characteristic process features.
  • are enabled to perform a selection of suitable manufacturing processes for given components.
  • are enabled to classify the required manufacturing processes in the expiry of a process chain for the production of given sample products.