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Project Micro-Manufacturing: Design and Manufacturing of a Microsystem

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The course "Project micro manufacturing: design and manufacturing of a micro system" combines the basics of micro manufacturing with project work. The project work will be done in cooperation with an industry partner. The students learn the basics of micro milling, micro electric discharge machining, micro laser ablation, micro powder injection molding and micro quality assurance. Furthermore they get to know the CAD-CAM process chain. That is the manufacturing of a production out of a CAD model. The students develop ideas and concepts matching the given task and present the results to the industry partner. Then they create parts that are designed for manufacturability out of their concepts. Those parts are manufactured at the wbk and finally assembled to a prototype.



Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/)


Skript zur Veranstaltung wird über (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/) bereitgestellt.

Lecture notes will be provided in Ilias (https://ilias.studium.kit.edu/).


regluar attendance: 31,5 hours
self-study: 148,5 hours


The students …

  • are able to describe the micro manufacturing processes as well as their
    characteristics and applications.
  • can choose suitable manufacturing processes for a given product.
  • are able to describe the process along the CAD-CAM process chain from
    scratch to manufacturing.
  • can explain how the development process for a micro product looks like.
  • are able to describe how design for manufacturability works for micro
    products and where the differences to macroscopic scale are.

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