Alexander Boczek and Philipp Weisser receive Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Victor Prize

The awarding of the Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hans Victor Prize took place in November 2021 during a Corona-related small ceremony at the wbk Institute of Production Science.
Prof. Volker Schulze and Alexander Boczek at the award ceremony
Prof. Volker Schulze and Philipp Weisser in front of the memorial plaque at the Ehrenhof



Prof. Hans Victor was head of wbk from 1965 to 1980 and was a pioneer of his time in the field of machining. His wife established a foundation - specifically for students with outstanding achievements in the field of production engineering. This year, wbk institute director Prof. Volker Schulze presented the award to two students for their outstanding final theses:
Alexander Boczek was awarded for his bachelor thesis on "Process analysis in cryogenic external longitudinal turning of quenched and tempered steel 42CrMo4".
Philipp Weisser received the prize for his bachelor thesis on "Qualification of vacuum pressure casting for the manufacturing of current-carrying conductive paths in ceramic substrates".
The award is accompanied by prize money to support the awardees in their master's studies. The team of the wbk congratulates the prize winners very much!
Image sources: wbk