Julia Sawodny, M.Sc.

  • 76131 Karlsruhe
    Kaiserstraße 12

M.Sc. Julia Sawodny

Area of Research:

  • Modular production plants for battery cell production
    • OPC-UA communication
    • Service-based control systems



  • AgiloBat: Agile production system for battery cell production  


Curriculum Vitae:

since 08/2020

Research Associate at the Institute of Production Science (wbk) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Study of Mechanical Engineering (M.Sc.) at University of Stuttgart



[ 1 ] Fleischer, J.; Kößler, F.; Sawodny, J.; Storz, T.; Gönnheimer, P. & Hofmann, J. (2021), "Agile Batteriezellfertigung als Antwort auf volatile Märkte und Technologien Agile Battery Cell Manufacturing as Response for Volatile Markets and Technologies", wt online, pp. 486 - 489. doi.org/10.37544/1436-4980-2021-07-08-18
Die industrielle Batteriezellfertigung ist geprägt durch starre Produktionssysteme für die Massenfertigung. Die Fertigung anwendungsspezifischer Zellen im geringen bis mittleren Stückzahlsegment erfolgt derzeit kostenintensiv in einer Werkstattfertigung. Basierend auf standardisierten Roboterzellen und einer flexiblen Steuerungsarchitektur wird ein Konzept zur hoch automatisierten material-, format- und stückzahlflexiblen Batteriezellfertigung beschrieben. Agile Battery Cell Manufacturing as Response for Volatile Markets and Technologies Industrial battery cell production is characterized by rigid production systems for mass production. The production of application-specific cells in a low to medium quantity segment is currently performed by cost-intensive workshop production. Based on standardized robotic cells and a flexible control architecture, a concept for highly automated battery cell production that is flexible in terms of material, format and number of units is described.

[ 2 ] Ruhland, J.; Storz, T.; Kößler, F.; Ebel, A.; Sawodny, J.; Hillenbrand, J.; Gönnheimer, P.; Overbeck, L.; Lanza, G.; Hagen, M.; Tübke, J.; Gandert, J.; Paarmann, S.; Wetzel, T.; Mohacsi, J.; Altvater, A.; Spiegel, S.; Klemens, J.; Scharfer, P.; Schabel, W.; Nowoseltschenko, K.; Müller-Welt, M.; Philip, P.; Bause, K.; Albers, A.; Schall, D.; Grün, T.; Hiller, M.; de Biasi, L.; Ehrenberger, H. & Fleischer, J. (2021), "Development of a Parallel Product-Production Co-design for an Agile Battery Cell Production System". Springer, pp. 96-104. 10.1007/978-3-030-90700-6_3
Since current battery cell production lines are not flexible regarding format and material, it is necessary to develop new production systems. It is also required to develop this production line as an agile system in order to be able to flexibly counteract unit-specific capacity fluctuations. In addition, only low scrap rates are allowed when integrating new material systems which requires a holistic in-process or in-line control and the associated quality assurance. Agile produc-tion systems open up new possibilities for developing the battery cell product. Therefore, this article will present a novel product-production co-design that can be specifically adapted to customer requirements.