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Production Systems (PRO)

Motivation and aim

Shorter product life-cycles, diverse variety, increasing pace of innovations and increasing complexity in production technology place increased demands on the industry. Consequently, entrepreneurial decisions bear high risks, which in turn requires not only new forms of teamwork but also for the business network to be viewed as one whole production system. The core components processes, organizations and resources must permit a high development and innovation capability corresponding to the dynamic company demands. Therefore, the aim of the production systems department is the development of methods and tools for target orientated designing and optimization of quicker, more robust and more efficient production systems. New approaches will be developed according to individual industrial requirements starting from strategic business planning and organization right upto production control, and this being transformed into a company's success.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gisela Lanza

Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter der PRO 2018
Global Production Strategies Production System Planning Quality Management
  • Strategic planning of production networks
  • Site-specific production using Industry 4.0
  • Information and quality management in supply chain networks
  • Order-based production and logistics planning in networks
  • Adaptive production systems
  • Industry 4.0 methods
  • Digitalization strategies
  • Machine learning and data mining
  • Agile factory planning
  • Robust, intelligent production control
  • Cost evaluation and simulative validation
  • Technology planning
  • In-line measurement technology for immature processes
  • Soft sensors for intelligent data analysis
  • Function-oriented measurements
  • Autonomous measurement technology
  • Measurement uncertainty evaluation
  • Process control based on quality data
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Häfner
Dr.-Ing. Nicole Stricker
Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Häfner

Research projects

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