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Additive Manufacturing


Further development of additive manufacturing processes by optimized

process strategies, enhanced equipment technology and factory integration for targeted production of functionally integrated and customer-specific components.


Prof. Volker Schulze

Dr.-Ing. Frederik Zanger​

Manufacturing Processes  
  • Freeforming (polymers & metals)
  • Selective Laser Melting (metals)
  • Stereolithography (metals & ceramics)
Equipment- and Process Technology  
  • Development of components and equipment
  • Hybrid material compositions and process-strategies (conventional + additive)
Integrative Process Chains  
  • Validation of potential for series production
  • Consistent digitalization of process chains
  • Process chains and factory concepts planning
Quality Control  
  • Scalable, inline manufacturing metrology for additive process chains
  • Process capability tests


Research projects

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