[1] Ling Ma, J. F. (2022), „Investigation on a micro-environment concept for MEA production process supported by numerical simulations“.


The manufacturing process of membrane electrode assembly (MEA) generally takes place under climate control, as the base material used for membranes is well known for its hygroscopic properties. The large climate-controlled area for the whole assembly line does not only increase energy consumption, but also limits the further scalability of the production line. Within this article, a micro-environment concept for the MEA production based on a roll-to-roll (R2R) process was investigated. By using the Finite Element Method, a 3D numerical model has been established, in which the local climate control on different MEA production processes is covered. In particular, the influence of humidity on dimensional changes of the CCM, which in turn cause product deformation, is simulated. In addition, a gravimetric method was used to experimentally investigate the moisture absorption and release behavior of the MEA components under defined climatic conditions.