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Offers to the Industry

The topics dealt with at the institute are at different maturity stages which range from the basic research of new technologies via application-oriented research and advanced development to the technology transfer to the industry.
In each of these stages of a technology development we regard the continuous alignment of research results and market requirements of potential users as a driving force for successful technologies and products.
As a result we offer a broad spectrum of services with which we want to support the transfer to our industrial partners and our students in an optimal way.
Even within the institute the long-term development and safeguarding of know-how is of vital importance. As a consequence all research associates are acquainted intensely with the basic knowledge of the institute on the basis of a periodically revised research strategy. At this, our heads of the fields of research who are committed for the long-term and our technical and IT service centers are of an essential importance as they transfer and expand their knowledge consequently from generation to generation of scientists.

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