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Praktikum Produktionsintegrierte Messtechnik

Praktikum Produktionsintegrierte Messtechnik
type: Praktikum (P)
chair: Fakultät für Maschinenbau
semester: SS 2018

Dienstags 14:00 Uhr – 17:00 Uhr

lecturer: Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Häfner
sws: 3
lv-no.: 2150550

As the number of participants is limited, a written application has to be submitted. Send your application (max. 1000 characters) and a recent transcript of records to Leonard Schild until 28.02.2020.

The participants are named on 06.03.2020

The course always takes place on Tuesdays in the afternoon
Language German

Oral Exam (15min) and alternative test achievement (Group presentation of 15min to begin of each experiment and evaluation of the participation during the experiments)

Lehrinhalt During this course, students get to know measurement systems that are used in a production system. In the age of industry 4.0, sensors are becoming more important. Therefore the application of in-line measurement technology such as machine vision and non destructive testing is focussed.  Additionally, laboratory based measurement technologies such as computed tomography are adressed. The student learn the theoretical background as well as practical applications on industrial examples. The students use sensors by themselves during the course. Additionally, they are trained on how to integrate sensors in production processes and how to analyze measurement data with specialized software. The following topics are addressed:
  • Classification and examples for different measurement technologies in a production environment
  • Machine Vision with optical sensors
  • Information fusion based on optical measurements
  • Robot-based optical measurements
  • Non-destructive testing by means of acoustic measurements
  • Coodinate measurement technology
  • Industrial computed tomography
  • Measurement uncertainty evaluation
  • Analysis of production data by means of data mining
Course time

Attendance time: 31,5 h
Self-study: 88,5 h


The students …

  • are able to name, describe and mark out different measurement technologies that are relevant in a production environment.
  • are able to conduct measurements with the presented  in-line and laboratory based measurement systems.
  • are able to analyze measurement results and asses the measurement uncertainty of these.
  • are able to deduce wether a work piece fullfills quality relevant specifications by analysing measurement results.
  • are able to use the presented measurement technologies for a new task