Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing: wbk is expanding its cooperation in China

Together with its Chinese partner university from Suzhou, GAMI and KIT China Branch want to explore the digital transition and promote the Sino-German exchange of knowledge and scientists
Together with the Soochow University, KIT China Branch and GAMI want to explore Robotics and Intelligent Manufacturing (Source: SUDA)

The digital transition is in full swing and affects not only society but also economies world-wide. New, intelligent technologies and applications are changing the structure and processes of production, and companies must react to this.

Therefore, KIT China Branch has launched a cooperation with Soochow University (SUDA): Together with the Xiangcheng Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Equipment (XIRIE) of SUDA a close collaboration especially in the fields of robotics and intelligent manufacturing shall be established. In this, XIRIE will integrate an industrial robot as well as an automated guided vehicle in the Demonstration and Innovation Center for Industry 4.0 of KIT China Branch in Suzhou. Here, the Global Advanced Manufacturing Institute (GAMI) of wbk researches global production systems and topics related to intelligent manufacturing. Through the exchange of technology, knowledge and experts, the partners want to conduct projects that address the challenges of the digital transition in Germany and China.

Since May 2014, KIT has been pooling its projects with Chinese partners from research and industry at its branch office in Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) near Shanghai. Through this permanent agency, KIT China Branch provides direct and uncomplicated access to local contact persons for scientists and research partners from Germany. Suzhou is a particularly suitable location because SIP is not only home to a large number of German industrial companies but also 28 top universities from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia.