Handbook of Coil Winding

Publication on coil winding technology: Now available in English
The "Handbook of Coil Winding" explains common coil winding procedures, adjacent technologies and the associated automation. It compiles the enormous painstaking work of developers of Aumann GmbH from Espelkamp and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Fleischer from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT), for the first time illuminating all the important aspects of coiling technology. "We not only describe the machine processes, but for the first time include manually fed-in winding for electrical machine construction with all their work steps," says Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Hagedorn, head of process development at Aumann. All in all, the book surely contains about 70 years' worth of know-how.
Aumann and KIT want to close knowledge gaps in the area of coiling technology among companies with their book. It is targeted at engineers who work in design of inductive product and production technology, in development and in the environment of production technology for motors. Employees in procurement, logistics for indicative production technology and, not least, plant operators of winding machines, are to profit from the knowledge summarised in this manual. "All readers, with and without know-how in coiling technology, profit from this book in particular when introducing new products," adds Hagedorn. "Ideally, product quality will increase while the development time for the usually highly complex electromagnetic assemblies reduces. The book's contents also permit successful introduction of the industrialisation process in new products."
The authors illustrate the complex contents of the 309-page- long book not only with many informative images, but also using integrated QR-codes that enable users to watch explanatory YouTube videos on individual processes on their Smartphones or tablets.
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Handbook of Coil Winding
Technologies for efficient electrical wound products and their automated production
Jürgen Hagedorn, Florian Sell-Le Blanc, Jürgen Fleischer
Springer Vieweg, April 2017
ISBN 978-3- 662-54401- 3 (Hardcover: 106,99 €)
ISBN 978-3- 662-54402- 0 (eBook: 83,29 €)
Handbuch der Wickeltechnik für hocheffiziente Spulen und Motoren: Ein Beitrag zur Energieeffizienz (German)
Jürgen Hagedorn, Florian Sell-Le Blanc, Jürgen Fleischer
Springer Vieweg, July 2016
ISBN 978-3- 662-49209- 3 (hardback: 69.99 €)
ISBN 978-3- 662-49210- 9 (eBook: 54.99 €)
Profile: Aumann GmbH, Espelkamp
Aumann has been among the globally leading machine constructors for wire coating, coil winding and in automation for several generations. The company, which celebrated its 80 th anniversary in 2016, is the only provider in the world with the know-how and experience from wire production to winding to comprehensive installation of the end product. The company reacted to the very good order situation and utilisation with new construction of a hall that doubles the production area.
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The publication on coil winding technology is now available in English.