Kevin Gleich, M.Sc.

  • 76131 Karlsruhe
    Kaiserstraße 12

Kevin Gleich, M.Sc.

Area of Research:

  • Global production strategies
  • Sustainable production at network level with focus on Industry 4.0
  • Gaia-X in production

General Tasks:

  • Coordination of lecture „Nachhaltige Produktionswirtschaft“
  • Learning Factory „Global Production“  – Agile Production Networks


  • ChampI4.0ns – Intelligent and sovereign use of data using the example of the timber industry
  • GAIA-X4ICM – Infrastructure for end-to-end digitization of production based on Gaia-X

Curriculum Vitae:

since 06/2022

Research Associate at the Institute of Production Science (wbk) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Master studies of Industrial Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


Bachelor studies of Industrial Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)


[ 1 ] Klenk, F.; Gleich, K.; Meister, F.; Haefner, B.; Lanza, G. & , . (2020), "Approach for developing implementation strategies for circular economy in global production networks". Advancing Life Cycle Engineering: from technological eco-efficiency to technology that supports a world that meets the development goals and the absolute sustainability, eds. Brissaud, D.; Zwolinski, P.; Paris, H. & Riel, A., pp. 127-132. 10.1016/j.procir.2020.01.052
Due to excess of resource consumption, circular economy (CE) aims to return products to the production life cycle in an economically and ecologically reasonable way. Yet, few approaches focus on the strategic and network level of CE. First, existing approaches regarding the configuration of CE networks and the development of appropriate business models are reviewed. Sec- ond, an approach on how to integrate both aspects is presented. By integrating these aspects, implemen- tation strategies for CE in global production networks shall be developed facilitating strategic decisions. The approach is planned to be demonstrated in a German company supplying the automotive sector.