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Global Production Planning

Planning and Assessment of Global Value Adding Networks
The production in value adding networks plays an increasingly important role against the background of an accelerated globalization of the sales and procurement markets. A network consisting of own locations and external suppliers and partners has to be configured and coordinated and has to be adapted to changing basic conditions when indicated. The wbk Institute of Production Science assists you in analyzing, optimizing and evaluating global value adding networks. We analyze your current network structures, support you with the configuration of possible new network alternatives and provide for a basis for decision-making which takes into account dynamic and uncertain input data as well as multidimensional target systems (costs, quality, time of delivery, flexibility, customer proximity etc.).
By means of this approach a network decision is prepared which takes into consideration the strategy of the company as a whole and which is as robust as possible towards dynamic changes.
Search, Evaluation and Development of Suppliers in Emerging Markets
In the present dynamic economic environment the worldwide procurement moves more and more into the focus of companies because here financial resources can be released. Especially the procurement in so-called low-wage countries can contribute significantly to the realization of cost savings. In order to reach this aim, major efforts, which are often underestimated, have to be made in these countries. The wbk Institute of Production Science is a competent partner for all tasks related to the procurement in the emerging markets. In particular our expertise in Asia with our local site in Suzhou, China, and our methodical competence allow for the support of your company during the whole procurement process. From the search, evaluation, selection and development of suppliers to the connection of the supplier to your production the wbk Institute of Production Science has all capabilities and resources which are needed for the successful carrying out of these process steps. In addition, we offer training courses at our site in Suzhou and at your site to improve the skills of both your Chinese employees and your suppliers in relevant topics like e.g. quality management, auditing according to ISO9001, project management, supply management or SixSigma.

Production system planning

Material Flow Analysis and Optimization
Established structures and complex material flows in production often result in an intransparent flow of the products through manufacturing, in long idle and transport times, high stocks and therefore in long lead times. The wbk Institute of Production Science helps you to identify waste in the production processes and to organize an efficient production according to your aims. This comprises the comprehensive analysis of the product range and of the existing material and information flows (e.g. by value stream mapping), the identification of room for improvement and the subsequent optimization of the analysis range concerning a lean manufacturing. If required the factory simulation software Plant Simulation® is applied. 
Early Prognosis of Manufacturing Costs in Production Planning
The increasing shortening of product life cycles and the rising competitive pressure leave less and less time to reach the break-even. This leads to the fact that also the time period of profit generation continues to decline. Against this background an early calculation of costs whilst simultaneously assessing monetary risks already during product development is of high economic interest. However, it has been proven to be problematic that a multitude of uncertainties during product development can confine an early cost prognosis severely. 
We can help you to improve your manufacturing costs prognosis already during product development and to receive at the same time a better basis for decision-making for possible production scenarios. For that purpose we consider company-specific facts and develop individual production scenarios which subsequently are analyzed in detail with regard to costs, flexibility, robustness and monetary risks. Finally, these analyses serve for decision-making respectively optimization. 
Investment Assessment according to LCP Aspects
By considering the follow-up costs and the capability of capital goods (such as machines and plants) in the production sector high savings can be achieved in the long term. However, there are challenges in the field of predictability and controlling of the operating characteristics in the procurement phase. The wbk develops custom-made concepts for the needs of the operator in order to improve capital goods procurement. Here we put particular emphasis on creating a win-win situation between the operator and the producer of the capital good.
Risk Assessment of Extended Warranty Models
The increasing demands of large operators for extended warranties on reliability and availability characteristics put producers in front of great challenges. The wbk has been supporting companies from different industrial branches in the calculation of costs and risks of extended warranty models according to the total cost of ownership (TCO) principle for years. For this purpose, modern methods of statistical reliability analysis and stochastic simulation are used in order to allow for risk estimates which are easy to understand and practice-oriented.
Reliability and Availability of Technical Systems
The field of reliability of technical systems deals with the identification and analysis of suitable data sources for the capture and calculation of reliability characteristics. Knowing these values, a life time prognosis of critical components and derived from that of a complete technical system can be carried out on the basis of both statistical distributions and load simulations for the industry. Status information is extended by organizational questions which are needed for availability calculations, improved maintenance planning, product improvement or warranty cost estimate. The Institute of Production Science has developed diverse concepts and solution approaches in the form of collective research projects together with the industry but also directly in the form of industrial cooperation.  

Quality assurance

Quality Assurance Strategies/Test Planning
For an economic quality assurance the planning of quality testing is necessary during the whole production process. The wbk supports you with the decision which components and which quality characteristics have to be tested at which points of time of production. This comprises also the decision about the extent of the testing activities (e.g. 100% test, sample test). Moreover, besides the identification of suitable measuring methods and measuring instruments also an estimate of the measurement uncertainty for the necessary measuring tasks can be carried out.  
Quality Management/Test Planning
To improve products and manufacturing processes a great number of tests has to be carried out before. Such tests can indeed be very time- and cost-intensive, particularly if many influencing factors are to be examined at the same time. Methods of test planning (design of experiments, DOE) can help to carry out tests with a minimum of effort. The wbk supports you with both the establishment of test plans to design your tests systematically and with the statistical evaluation of the results. 
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