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Carmen Krahe, M.Sc.

Research Associate
department: Production Systems
office hours: to be agreed
room: 109, Geb. 50.36
phone: +49 1523 9502591
Carmen KraheXxb3∂kit edu

76131 Karlsruhe
Kaiserstraße 12

Carmen Krahe, M.Sc.

Area of Research:

  • Production Planning and Control
  • Machine Learning
  • Production control of flexible production systems
  • Industry 4.0


General Tasks:

  • Coordination of lecture Integrated production planning in the age of I4.0 (IPP)
    • Systematics of factory planning
    • Target setting
    • Detailed planning: Production planning and control
  • Coordination of Tutorials for IPP



  • AIAx
  • Innovation Center SAP – Development of an AI-based multi-agent production control for matrix production


Curriculum Vitae:

since 11/2018 Research Associate at the Institute of Production Science (wbk) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
10/2011 - 10/2018 Study of Industrial Engineering at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
05/04/1993 Born in Karlsruhe